Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare Introduces Mental Health First Aid to Nassau County

Yulee Joins National Initiative to Increase Mental Health Literacy

Yulee, FL, April 10, 2014 Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare has launched the first Mental Health First Aid program in Nassau County, Florida. The non-profit behavioral health agency in Yulee has begun training local residents to improve mental health literacy by helping them identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness.  

The National Council certified two staff members at Starting Point Behavioral Health to provide the Mental Health First Aid program through an instructor certification course. Carrie Anderson Mays and Katrina Robinson Wheeler conducted the first training in March 2014 for Starting Point’s Board of Directors. They are scheduling additional training for first responders, law enforcement officers, educators, health care workers and other members of the public who are interested in the training.

“We are very excited to bring Mental Health First Aid to our community,” said Laureen Pagel, Ph.D, CEO of Starting Point.  “This important educational effort goes a lot further than emergency intervention; it really helps people understand the shroud of fear and misjudgment facing individuals and families who experience mental illnesses and addiction. It will help overcome the associated stigma and move more and more people toward recovery.”

Pagel noted that, like First Aid or CPR training, the Mental Health First Aid program teaches individuals skills they can use to assist someone in a crisis and know how to direct them to professional intervention or care. Read More.

If it is time for a new start, Starting Point Behavioral Health is the place to begin.

Life leads us down many roads. Sometimes the paths we travel can be hard to handle alone. That’s why Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare helps children, teens and adults every day. From mental health counseling to substance abuse treatment and more, Nassau County, FL residents are finding help and hope at Starting Point.

At Starting Point our goal is to help the people in our community live their best lives. That’s why we offer aid to those in need of mental health and substance abuse treatment. We provide a wide variety of programs for all ages with special behavioral health and substance abuse programs for children, teens, women and older adults.

Most of all, we want you to know that Starting Point is here to help you. If you or a loved one is coping with behavioral health issues, alcohol or drug dependency, we know it can be a difficult road to travel. Starting Point can be your new beginning.


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